The Right to Health


This fact sheet developed by the Office of the United Nations
High Commissioner for Human Rights and the World Health Organisation aims to shed light on the right to health in international human rights law as it currently stands, amidst the plethora of initiatives and proposals as to what the right to health may or should be.

Consequently,it does not purport to provide an exhaustive list of relevant issues or to identify specific standards in relation to them.

The fact sheet starts by explaining what the right to health is and
illustrating its implications for specific individuals and groups, and then elaborates upon States' obligations with respect to the right. It ends with an overview of national, regional and international accountability and monitoring mechanisms.

Fact Sheet: End Forced Sterilisation


The alleged sterilisation of women living with HIV without their informed consent in Namibia is an emerging human rights issue although the extent of the problem is yet to be discovered.

In 2007, reports surfaced of cases in which women living with HIV, seeking medical care were allegedly subjected to sterilisation without their knowledge or informed consent at state hospitals in two of the thirteen regions of Namibia.

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